According to a recent study, managing timeis the second biggest challenge marketing agencies are encountering next to getting new clients.

As a digital marketer or as an agency, you know how hard it is to manage time by handling too many clients or businesses.

Getting new clients and keeping your old ones is determined by how good your productivity is.

To keep your productivity good by managing time effectively, you need to get to know about the following tools. Working smart with the help of these tools and good strategies will help you save hours or even days.

The list might look lean but according to a survey by the Winterberry Group shows that the marketers use an average of 12.4 tools.

Check out the following tools that every digital marketing agency or a digital marketer should be aware of:


If you are a digital marketing agency, then you must be aware of the importance of social media.

Since businesses are also aware of having social media accounts and trying to reach more prospects to increase their business.

As a digital marketing agency, you might feel troubled by handling two to three social media accounts of your clients.

When you are scaling your agency business you might need a tool like kontentino to assist you in fulfilling your clients’ needs by scheduling posts for various platforms, getting approval from clients without tons of emails, to create legible and clear reports for your clients.


  • Create a nice Social media content calendar.
  • Effective team collaboration and content approval of social media contents.
  • Client Approvals.
  • Insights and Reporting.

Price: Starting from 49 euros with 30 free day trials.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the biggest task for every business.

Because SEO brings organic traffic and meanwhile the business can get clients/customers without spending money in ads.

So, you might have thought, “If I can get clients for free, I can do this”.

But you need to understand this, if it is for free, then there will always be a tough competition.

So, SEMrush is a tool to assist you in helping your clients to get organic traffic by SEO.

The tool can provide insights about the following;

  • Website Audit
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Backlink Audit
  • Ad Builder
  • Keyword Position Tracking
  • On-page SEO Checker
  • PPC Keyword Tool
  • Organic Traffic Insights

Other than SEO you can also use this tool to:

  • Examine your prospects and their online presence for better targeting.
  • Get insights about them to create a better strategy and budget.
  • Improve the results of your PPC campaigns, create effective social media strategy and craft good content to generate better results.
  • Get market insights and competitor’s marketing by analysing any website.

Price: Starts from 99 dollars with a free trial.

Google Trends:

Staying on top of the market trends makes your business to be more visible to visitors or prospects.

But finding the current market trends seems a bit difficult.

What will be your reaction, if I say there is a free tool to find market trends for free?

Yes, there is a tool for this query. Google trends s that website by the most used search engine, Google.

Following are some of the most effective outcomes you can get by using Google trends in a proper way:

  • Recognize seasonal trends to create and promote content at the perfect time.
  • Create your content calendar based on the data obtained from Google trends.
  • You can avoid “keyword unicorns” by checking for data-skewing popularity spikes.
  • You can find trending topics relevant to your business.
  • Use “related queries” to get new keywords ideas and you can refine your video SEO strategies by finding out what people are searching on YouTube.

Price: Free

Google AdWords:

As a new business, you might find it hard to get ranked on Google’s search result page.

Because there will be more businesses who have started before you and worked on SEO from long back.

But as a new business, your first thought should be getting new customers.

Google AdWords is one of the well-known options to advertise your business to get on the Googles’ search result page when someone types the keyword for which you have set your ads.

You can also get to use Google keyword planner along with this to find new keywords for your business and then add them to your ads and contents.

Price: Works on a pay-per-click model

Google Analytics:

If you are having a blog or a website, for personal or for business purposes, then you might need data about your visitor or customers’ activity on your site to good value to those who come to you.

Google Analytics is the problem solver in this case.

‘Wait, why should I use this’, you might have this question.

You can find answers to the following questions and this is just a piece of cake. Because you can get a lot of data from analytics but the following are some basic things.

  • How much visitors do your website get?
  • Do you need to optimize your website to be mobile-friendly?
  • Where are your visitors residing?
  • Which is the most popular page on your website?
  • How many visitors have converted into customers?

Price: Free


Those who use WordPress must be aware of this tool.

Yoast is an excellent tool which works well in both Gutenberg and Classic editor. This tool helps in optimizing your content for search engines.

This tool assists you in selecting prominent content, focuses on keywords for better ranking and most importantly it examines your pages’ readability to provide a Flesch Reading Score.

This tool has been updated every two weeks to keep up with the algorithm updates made by Google.

Price: Free as a WordPress plugin, but you can also opt premium plans based on your needs.


Slack is a communication service provider in most businesses today.

This tool works in channels assigned for particular tasks to keep business conversations not to get avoided by unnecessary things.

It is a great tool for networking/connecting and meeting new people in the digital arena as you can join or leave channels when needed.

The following points will show how this would be a replacement for emails:

  • You can have a dedicated channel instead of having an endless mail chain.
  • Reach people faster by having a real-time conversation with your teammates.
  • You can stay in the mail by seeing the conversation in the channel but in the mail, you can only see the message you are included.
  • You can spend minimum time switching context since slack has integrated with many other tools.

Price: Free for small-sized companies.


Canva is a design platform that allows users to create designs simply by drag and drop images from the Canva catalogue.

You can design images for your social media posts, logos, presentations, graphs and many more designs.

This tool cuts the need for an experienced designer and permits you to create a design you have in your mind.

Price: Free 8000+ design templates after that you need to become a pro member.


It is an email marketing and social advertising tool created to automate and organize campaigns.

You can also gather data about the traffic you gained through the campaigns.

MailChimp is effective for dripping mail campaigns and to engage with your audience.

Price: Plans start from free and up to premium plans, Tiered price.


Ahrefs is an SEO tool which helps you to increase your website traffic.

You can use Ahrefs to do:

  • The competitive analysis and allowing you to check out who is linking to your competitors, what their top pages are, and more.
  • You can see where their content ranks and, using the Content Gap tool, identify key weaknesses for your content areas.
  • Find low competitive keywords with high traffic.
  • Get to know the strategies your competitors are using to replicate them.
  • You can find the critical errors which spoil your websites’ SEO performance.
  • Track your ranking status and find guest blogging opportunities.

Price: Pricing ranges from 99 dollars to 399 dollars.


It is a scheduling software, which is designed to save time, improve the quality of service, increase sales and to avoid the misunderstandings that happen while booking meetings.

Instead of going back and forth to your clients and stakeholders to finalize the date and time for your meeting.

Create an invitation in Calendly with multiple options and send it to the attendees of the meeting.

They can select a suitable option which can suit everyone involved.

You can also integrate this tool with similar calendar tools since it works in different time zones.

Price: Pricing starts from free to 12 dollars.


You might have a thought that, ‘Why should I use these tools and spend money on this’.

Then you must understand one thing, you are spending, you are investing to make more income and of course you are saving more time by using these automated tools.

If you have more time, you can make more business.

If you know any other tool let us know.

Which tool are you going to use?

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